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Mission Statement

Our Mission

The New Hampshire Prospects Baseball Club was formed to provide high level baseball players in New Hampshire and Northern New England the opportunity to play with peers of their talent level, in an environment that promotes instruction, leadership, attitude, effort, hustle, character, development & ultimately college baseball opportunities.

What, How and Expectations

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What does that mean? 

We are focused on creating an environment of success both on and off the field. The New Hampshire Prospects Baseball Club has 1 team per age group.  Each team will be made up of players who not only display the talent, but also have the drive, attitude, effort, hustle and character to demonstrate they are or will develop into college recruitable student athletes.  We will have no parent coaches, and while in most cases the most talented kids will be selected, there is a major emphasis placed on non-direct baseball traits.  We want kids who are driven to put the work in, who are there to pick up their teammates, who understand that they are going to fail, and that failure is just another opportunity to improve.  We are looking for kids who understand that they can only control what they have control over, namely their effort, attitude & focus.  We are looking for scholar athletes as well.  Kids who put the work in the classroom and understand the importance of education, including how it relates to their college baseball opportunities and future.

How are we going to make this happen? 

Our focus in 100% centered around the goal of getting our players into college and playing baseball at the collegiate level. While we are not guaranteeing that all our players will reach that goal, we do promise to provide the instruction, development, resources, advise, tools and support to help our players attain it.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Putting together the most competitive roster, without regard to home town, current program, current team or coaching connections.
  • Honesty in evaluating each player and providing honest feedback to each player on their strengths & weaknesses and how those may impact their chances of playing in college.
  • Position Specific Instruction
  • Strength & Conditioning Program run by Roots Athletes
  • Highly committed, experienced and passionate coaches
  • Recruiting Videos for each player in the 15U and higher age groups
  • Access to Recruiting expertise and the opportunity to work one on one with our recruiting partner Ryan Leahy from Recruiting Edge Baseball
  • National Tournament & Showcase Exposure
  • Player Marketing & College Coach Outreach
  • Individual Development Planning

What do we expect from parents and players?

We expect them to take the realization of the goals of the player as seriously and with as much commitment as we do. Once selected for a team, both a player and parent contract will be provided that will clearly spell out mutual expectations. These expectations include both on the field and off the field components and are central to satisfying our mission.

Finally, we couldn’t be more excited to get going with the fantastic players and young men that will be a part of the program. We realize there maybe a lot of questions and concerns with joining a new program. Please do not hesitate to reach out directly to us. Our goal is 100% participation in college baseball for our players, and everything we do will be in support of that goal. We will be partners with you and your child. We will make sure they have a fun experience and make on and off the field memories they will not soon forget. We will be accessible and hold ourselves, our coaches and our instructors to the same level of standards and commitment as we hold our players. We look forward to being on this journey together, and we couldn’t be more excited to get started.


New Hampshire Prospects Baseball Club

497 Hooksett Rd, #453

Manchester, NH 03104

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