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Looking back on the Fall and getting ready for Winter Workouts!

By NH Prospects Baseball Club, 11/05/18, 5:45PM EST


Looking back on the Fall and getting ready for Winter Workouts!


It has been a busy few months for the program, with many exciting things happening.  We wanted to take some time to reflect on the Fall and provide some updates as we enter the Winter Training Schedule and into the New Year.

The Fall was certainly busy for our coaches, coordinators and staff.    

We have been busy working on an agreement to become an Affiliate with Firecracker Baseball.  Firecracker Baseball has been providing tournaments and showcases for over 10 years and produce fantastic events designed to showcase players to College coaches and recruiters.  They operate all over New England, New York and expanding nationally. We are proud to be one of only 4 Affiliates nationwide.  Being an affiliate allows us preferential access to showcases, including Hosting a showcase in New Hampshire (more to come on that in the next few weeks), and tournaments, including our own Granite State Fall Brawl September 20-22, 2019.  Signing on as an affiliate will benefit the players in many other ways directly related to College Recruiting, and the mission of Firecracker Baseball is directly aligned with ours.  If anyone has any questions, please reach out.

We had great attendance at our Program Orientation and Recruiting Seminar.  We hope everyone found the time worthwhile.  Ryan Leahy provided an honest and candid discussion around the recruiting process and the message was clear.  It takes a tremendous amount of hard work to play in College and to be recruited.  Putting the hard work in isn’t a guarantee you will play in college, but not putting the work in will all but guarantee you won’t.  We will be providing Ryan’s contact information shortly for those interested in becoming a consulting client of his.  If anyone had any question that wasn’t addressed at the Orientation, please reach out and we will be happy to answer your questions.

On the coaching and coordinator front, we announced we have added Rick Aldrich as our Hitting Coordinator.  Rick had a fantastic college career at RPI and has been instructing for many years since.  He is excited to get to work with our talented players.  All the coaches and coordinators have been meeting regularly to discuss indoor plans and coordinate the program our players will follow for hitting, fielding, pitching and catching.  On top of that, Justin Soryal from Roots Athletic Development has been busy putting together the Strength & Conditioning plan to insure our players are working on strength, flexibility, explosiveness and overall conditioning. Justin also has packages available for additional time at Roots working with him and his staff, and those packages can be purchased on the website.  In addition, we are constantly looking for coaching and staff talent to add to the program for the long term.

Our indoor home, Ultimate Sports Academy in Manchester, is looking fantastic and ready for our teams to start indoor training in December.  October and November are a good time to cut back on baseball activities as players get ready for indoor and get ready for the season, and we are excited for December to get here so we can begin cranking it up.  All our coordinators, instructors and coaches are available for individual and small group instruction in addition to the team workouts and hitting and pitching/catching team sessions, so please contact us if you are interested in scheduling those sessions. 

We would also like to acknowledge the sponsors who have come on board.  Bedford Physical Therapy, Acuity Brands, Lithonia Lighting, Lucian Fitts Plumbing and Heating and Chipotle Texas.  We still have sponsorship opportunities available.  Sponsors help us keep tuition as low as possible, while also providing direct tuition reduction if you secure a sponsorship.  We will credit your tuition 30% of the Sponsorship secured, so it is a win-win.  You will hear more about our sponsors as the season goes on, and they appreciate your support.

Finally, we want to thank everyone for their patience and support.  We are working hard everyday to make this program the best possible option for our players, and to insure above all else that we deliver on our Mission.  We are humbled by the response we have received and overwhelmed with the different opportunities we have been presented with, and we are making sure we are thoughtful in our approach to these opportunities.  We couldn’t be more excited to get started and work with the amazing student athletes that are on our rosters, and we look forward to partnering with you to provide a great experience for everyone.

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