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Welcome to the New Hampshire Prospects Baseball Club

By Prospects Staff, 07/02/18, 2:00PM EDT


Many of you saw our announcement yesterday of the launch of the New Hampshire Prospects Baseball Club,  in partnership with the New Hampshire Bobcats, and we are very excited with what lies ahead for our players and their futures.  The New Hampshire Bobcats Program is a top notch program that has sent many kids to college programs, and that tradition will not change.  The Bobcats will continue to develop the younger age groups and prepare them for the next level.  We have a very strong partnership with the Bobcats, and look forward to seeing their players wear the Prospects uniforms as they get older.  If you have a younger child looking for outstanding coaching and competition, visit the Bobcats at 

So why this new program?  There are tremendous opportunities out there for the high talent athlete and scholar to play baseball in college.  The difficult part is understanding where to focus time and money to insure continued skill improvement, development, character building & performance.  In addition, the demands of high school, other sports & outside commitments makes it difficult to balance all that needs to be done, not to mention how to navigate the complex recruiting process. 

We have seen parents spend hundreds to thousands of dollars doing every showcase their player gets invited to.  They attend camps held by college coaches in the hopes of being seen there.  In the end, unless they are advanced beyond their years, they find themselves on the outside looking in, even if they have the ability to play at a high level.  In order to provide the baseball instruction, along with the character, academic, tools and advice needed to guide the player and the family, there needs to be an dedicated organizational focus.  Our goal at the New Hampshire Prospects Baseball Club is to provide that focus at an organizational level.  Prospects players will have access to top hitting, fielding and pitching instruction, superb facilities and fields, and a professional attitude, dedication and commitment from our coaching staff.  We will provide video analysis and recruiting videos to help showcase the player.  We will provide access to advisors to help with the recruiting process, and we will focus our energy on developing and showcasing our players.  In return, we expect and require commitment, effort, positive attitude, respect for teammates, opponents, coaches, umpires and parents.  We expect dedication and effort in the classroom, and off the field.  We want our players to be recognized as gentlemen of character.  Time and time again we hear from college coaches that they have passed on a player because of something other than their on field ability.  

"I really like to see if the athlete is working or not when they think no one is watching. That is why I always wear my sunglasses when watching them. Do they always sprint on and off the field, are they picking up their teammates, are they a leader, if they are struggling at the plate do they go out on their own between innings and swing off a tee. These are the little things that separate the average from the elite."

”Most athletes do not realize after I have an interest in them as an athlete, I spend 80% of my time watching them handle a strike-out, how they warm up, what they are talking about with their peers in the stands, how they speak to their parents or coaches, the way they carry themselves around the ballpark between games."

We will keep this blog updated regularly with news/notes from our teams and program, as well as posting helpful information on the recruiting process.  Tryouts are coming up on July 27th at St. Anselm College.  Click Here to register, and feel free to reach out with any questions

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